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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fiona Memoriam

Heal the intangible heart?
Real tears,
virtual tears,
streams of salt water--
flow over your soul.
You gasp for air
watching gold fly
through the air.
Small hairs
land softly.
Once a reason to grab a vacuum
now a twinkling memory.

Hide her toys,
wash away her delightful smell?
Stop looking at photos.
Talk about the weather?
She is there--
forever in your heart.
She licks from the inside.
Kissing and playing—
Jumping, running and wagging her tail.
Again, you gasp.
She will never leave.
You might as well vacuum.


  1. Pets leave such a hole in our hearts. It does feel like they are still there.

    1. Thanks Alex. I think she will be in my heart forever.

  2. Saw your sad account of what happened on Facebook. Thought you might like this true story. My Mother had a small white dog she lived very much, but sadly came to the end of his life. Then one day, my cousin brought his new wife to visit Mother and was told to take her coat into my Mother’s room and put it on the bed. Unknown to us, this lady was a clairvoyant, and when she returned from the room she said, ‘ You have such a lovely little white dog. He grabbed the bottom of my coat and wanted to,play.’

    1. Thank you for that story. It helps a lot. Blessings to you!

  3. As I said on Facebook, I'm very sorry. She was one of a kind.

    1. Thank you William. She really was one of a kind!I was so lucky to have 7 years.

  4. Oh my, what a sweetheart. Wrap her delightful memories around your heart---she is loved

    1. Thank you! We look forward to seeing her again!!Such an angel.

  5. Eve, I'm so sorry about Fiona. I know how much it hurts. What helps me is remembering that our dear friends wait for us in Heaven. We will see them again.

  6. I remember when you brought Fiona home with you. I loved her coloring, big ears and the long legs. She is a beautiful little soul. The last photo when small looks like she is wearing a wreath of roses.
    I am in tears reading this.
    She will be there in Heaven and is now playing with Samantha, Kirby, Watson and Hamish.
    I still hear Watson some nights walking through the house on his nightly checks. I can never leave this home.
    parsnip xx

  7. Oh my - those stand up ears! Our Jenny looked just like your Fiona, except that she was mostly black, with white on her chest and feet. She was a mixed breed terrier who became our baby, developed Cushings Disease when she was 6 years old. Medications and special care kept her going for most of a year until she couldn't continue. I held her as she was sent to heaven, which was instantaneous, like turning off a light. Our other little mutt Daisy mourned her for months. We still do. I truly empathize with your loss. We've lost children, too, altogether different, but the pain when a pet leaves creates a different kind of hole in your heart. Time doesn't heal, but it eases that pain. God be with you! He gave us memories so we could have roses in December.

  8. I meant to say also that your poem is beautiful♥♥♥