Monday, January 4, 2021

The Happy War Reviews/January SALE



Take a look at these tidbits from some amazing reviews!

Don't let the cover fool you.
This isn't your every day romance-
-it's a Machiavellian tale about changing the world!

This is a fantasy romance wrapped in the Impossible Dream.”-Marilyn J. Collier

“This book is true escapist fare, giving readers a “Gee, I wish we could really do this!” fantasy, and a time-out from all the current world chaos.”-Bjonsmom

“The author took me on a two-week, worldwide journey filled with twists and turns that kept me riveted.”-Arch Font

“Captivating and smartly written, it is another of the author’s “I can’t wait to see what happens next” books. Gaal’s writing is fearless and fast-paced. I love her quirky humor and heartwarming moments!”-Sunny Simon

Will happiness be achieved? What a fun ride this was... -L. Carmichael

“The story is well-crafted, the characters believable, and the plot moves quickly to keep you engaged.”-Gina R. Mitchell

“Read it to discover whether the girl gets the man, the man gets the girl, or if the world gets peace”-Kenna McKinnon


ON SALE for ereaders through January 8th for .99 cents.

FREE for Kindle Unlimited users. Available in paperback for $10.26 and the hard copies are almost half price at $23.37 for a limited time.

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I can’t wait to hear what YOU think!