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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is Delicious

Onoliscious-This is the slang word you use to describe something that is beyond delicious. When it's overly yummy, it's onoliscious. My friendly editor wondered about this word, but he probably wondered about a lot of things in my book. I say, keep'em guessing and the heck with spell-check. Hawaiian words will always be under-lined and they will need to be double-checked by the writer.


  1. Onoliscious is my new favourite word – I’m going to start using it today. From now on, yummy chocolate biscuits will be Onoliscious chocolate biscuits – who cares about the funny looks my nearest and dearest will give me. Barbara xx

  2. I learned a new word! In the south, if it's that good, people say it will make your tongue slap your brain.

  3. Adore this word must use it soon. I make up word all the time and use them so my family will not even notice !
    Congratulations for Shelly's blog award.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Hey Eve,

    That word is certainly food for thought. Thanks. And speaking of spell check, I get the squiggly red line under words if I decide to spell in incorrect English as in American, English. Aha and thank you for a colorful, oops, colourful post!

    Penny's fictional human,


  5. What a cool word. Works for me.