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Sunday, March 1, 2015

49 Shades of Gray

What do you think of when you hear about shades of gray?

Will the color gray always remind us
 of the famous, erotic book?

Is that called conditioning? Branding? Being brainwashed?
Even though I haven't read it, 
the sound of that title distracts me
from years of newsprint memories,
smudged sleeves  and 
discussions about ink saturation percentages.
 Late night press room dilemmas, deadline dramas 
and a limited spectrum, all based on black  and white.

(News photos were not printed in color until the late 80's.)

Right before a storm, this is my idea of at least 49 shades.
Can we return to innocence? 

Or is it too late?


  1. I love black and white photography. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Some ‘shades of grey’ are so pretty, and I love the names - silvery grey, slate grey, ash grey, battleship grey, charcoal, dark gunmetal – I can’t think of any more, but I’m sure there must be 50!
    PS I’ve read the books – but don’t tell anyone!

  3. There was a song titled Shades of Gray back in the '60s....

  4. Yes, unfortunately "shades of grey" will forever make me think of that book!

  5. The optimist in me is certain that most of us can still see the beauty and subtlety that shades of grey can be and how many places those shades are -so many- other than greys of sadobondagewhatever .

  6. Evie, this was great! Love your humor.

  7. Hey Eve,

    I heard of the book, "Fifty Shades of Shit!" The other book you allude to. I've no idea :)

    Grey or Gray, it's the shade of perception and may that perception become the reality of a brighter shade of Grey or Gray.

    Thank you, Eve.