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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Basics of Our Intangible Hearts

In case someone is wondering what this blog is about: 

What is an intangible heart?

1.       It is the non-cardiovascular, metaphysical heart connecting all of us.

2.       It is an ageless feeling of warmth, security and shared laughter.

3.       It is the knowledge you’re in the company of friends. Mutual acceptance.

4.       It’s the good part of our soul—the part that loves—the part that forgives.

5.       It can withstand open heart or bypass surgery,
 stents, pacemakers—even transplants.

6.       It binds together(such as a community or religion)
 but can free the unwilling, those wanting release....

7.       It is not that wise but knows what’s important. It is grateful.

8.       It is humble, willing to help and can even be proud at the same time

9.       It is energetic and filled with starlight, reflecting into the heavens.

10.   It is the eternal voice of reason and a piece-perhaps sacred-
-of God lingering within-- it never dies.

These are just the obvious ones--can you think of a few more?


  1. I think you covered most of them. It's something that can be seen and unseen.

  2. Hi human, Eve,

    A sensory presence that I can't quite put my finger, um, paw on!

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses,

    Penny xx

  3. Excellent list. I'd add that an intangible heart beats to its own rhythm.

  4. Hello Eve, how lovely to be a part of something so wondrous. xx