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Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Painting

Sparkling stars and a blood moon work overtime to brighten,
even colorize our evenings.
The drab overheated,
dried-out summer now focused on rekindling energy.

A life force and spiritual awakening flutters in early fall,
lifting us like withering petals
behind eyes into the sky.
Preparing us for winter,
offering assurance,
to enter next year with renewed hope.

Today we totter on parched grass,
an embarrassing crunch follows our footsteps.
Soon torrential rains may fill crevices
of a seasonal palette--
clogging drains with drops
of mixed hues consisting
of jade and auburn leaves--
swirling around with globules of burnished umber--
highlighted with antique gold.

The artist’s easel waits.

 We eagerly anticipate the unveiling.

-Eve Gaal

This is a lovely painting of a cottage--hidden in a forest of intertwining trees--my photo doesn't do it justice.

Are the colors changing around you too?


  1. Splendid colors soon to abound. Very nice!

  2. Lovely poetry!

    Yes, the colours are changing... very slowly!

  3. Hi Eve,

    Such wondrous imagery and the colours shall soon be resplendent as the waning moments of summer fall behind.

    Gary :)