Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Never Too Late for Love

To the dad not paying child support-
You might think it’s cool now
but some day,
maybe twenty years from now
when the respirator is acting up--
you'll want to explain why....
Can someone listen to your excuse?
You try ringing for the nurse--
but it’s midnight and she’s helping
another patient behind a curtain with a bed pan....

To the person who shoots innocent people--
Maybe you’ve lost your mind or took drugs
but think about twenty,  thirty, maybe fifty years from now
When you walk out of the cell looking for someone to talk to
and no one is waiting.
Disconnected phones-
lost addresses-
where to go?
Nothing but parole officers and salespeople asking you to sign things
promising you won’t go far-- 
while they ask for your last dollar.

To those who poke fun and tease the weak,
Bullies who think they’re better,
Wise, hip and fashionable
while looking down their nose,
lifting arrogant heads,
disgusted with what they call ignorance.
Selfish and repulsive narcissistic individuals who hate-- 
and have no time--
believe in nothing--
And laugh at others who do.
Maybe someday--
God willing--
Twenty years from now
While standing in line at the pharmacy,
Or while thinking about who to invite--
for the A list is short--
perhaps someday...
they'll find a change of heart. 

To thieves, prostitutes and the rest of those waiting for hell---
 (you think that's a place of legends and fairy-tales but...
time creates change--)
Why wait?
There are options.

It’s never too late.


  1. That was really powerful. To be alone as we age would be scary.
    And yes, Hell is very real.

  2. A very strong message.
    Somehow i don't think many of these will have a change of heart.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. A powerful message, Eve! We seem to be in the age of distraction where 20 years can fly by like 2 days and before you know it, you can't take back what you did/didn't do, but as the poem indicates, it's never too late. Regret can be right around the corner for so many people!

    1. I can't imagine the pain some old people feel in their heart when they realize they could have changed. It is possible!

  4. I have a list of bullies to send this to and an ex-husband who now calls his children to borrow money from.

  5. Very powerful writing, enjoyed it. I agree with you on the majority of it, but think it's a little harsh to lump prostitutes in with thieves, bullies etc, because they aren't hurting anyone
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

    1. Selling sex is still a crime in most places but I agree it's kind of meant to be harsh. Being gentle wasn't getting too much attention! LOL

    2. I agree with you Random musings, - stopped me from sharing an otherwise powerful poem. Would have preferred the word pimp or trafficker instead of prostitute.

  6. Those are some incredibly compelling words Eve and very, very true.

  7. Hi Eve,

    It's never too late, indeed. Wise, thoughtful words. I hope it's not too late for the adult bullies who never left the playground. Insecurity is what lies behind the bullies' persona. They need an audience as they target those they consider easy to intimidate. Yes, it's never too late.

    And may I add that it can be the mum not paying support, being an absentee parent. I should know, having raised my son on my own.

    Thanks for such emotive thoughts, Eve.

    Peace and hope,