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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mignons or Minions? Naughty or Nice?


When we were kids and mom took us to a bakery, they had these small pastries called mignons. (Pronounced just like the Despicable Me characters, only tastier.) Today they have assorted petit fours, cupcakes and cannoli’s but the variety is limited. These are not cookies or rugalach but dainty little creations decorated with fruit, infused with rum or filled with layers of vanilla, chocolate or coffee cream. Not just any cream but almond cream, hazelnut puree, tart lemon curd or scrumptious custard. Sometimes frosted or glazed, topped with chopped walnuts or sprinkles—these irresistible confections made your mouth water just looking at them and the hardest part was picking out your favorite while the lady behind the counter smiled at your mother. There was always a line and you had to hurry. If I took too long, then mom would say, “Oh these right here in the front are fine. Aren’t they dear?” And of course, they were more than fine. Still, it was fun to select my own because these were not everyday luxuries. Oh no. Buying mignons corresponded with my father’s promotion or perhaps a visit from a distant relative. Choosing the right ones was a serious task because this was a rare occasion. Once home, we unwrapped the days purchases and there on our humble, green-tiled kitchen counter sat the glorious pink box tied with string. Nestled inside on fluted, white paper cups were small pieces of heaven waiting to create a delectable memory. There was absolutely nothing naughty about them....

Those delicious creations were nothing like these cheeky new movie-star minions.
Strange that they are yellow and naughty like my very own personal, four-legged minions but I  also noticed these adorable characters don't have ears. And so the connection might end there, except for the constant evil scheming.... 

My rascal-faced minions look like this: 
Pinky and Fiona
Notice the decimated skunk toy under the roguish paws? How about the princess pose, beady eyes and yellow-hued fur? Yup, just as mischievous...and perhaps receiving incoming signals while plotting world domination. Do you see the ears? I am wrapped in their spell and can't get away. What should I do? I need mignons and I need them now!


  1. And now I'm hungry. For mignons.

    Minions of both varieties are cute!

  2. Replies
    1. I've got to stop trying to comment directly from a Facebook link. It always shows me as Scarlett and James for some reason...which is pointless because we'll probably never finish that book!

      The mignons look delicious. But I still love the Minions!

  3. I have never heard of mignons, but now I must go to a bakery and try to find one. They sound spendid.

  4. Oh Eve what a wonderful post today.
    I love your memories.
    We did not have Mignons as a child but I do remember Petit Fours that were so much better than the pretend ones they try to sell today.
    Fluffy tiny bites filled with cream or jam and covered with the thinnest chocolate or jam with candied fruit.
    Today I find the best small bites in the bakeries in Japan. They look much like your photo. But you would have to add some sweet red bean paste too.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. accck.... you could see where my mind was..... food !
      But your evil little Minions crack me up !
      I never noticed that Pinky's legs are almost as long as Fiona's.
      Mostly see them from looking down at them but now that they are laying pretty much side by side Pinky's legs are really long too.

  5. I bet your Minions are more mischievous than the movie ones.
    I've never heard of mignons, but they look tasty.

  6. It all sounds yummy, Evie. Your pups are adorable.