Friday, June 26, 2015

Necessity is the Mother of Invention-(A Craft idea) and Ducks!

Ongoing Craft Idea

You’ll need one white tee shirt
Inexpensive fabric paint from the craft store or acrylic paints.

The first time I wore my white, long-sleeved tee, a splash of spaghetti sauce ruined it forever. I threw it into the back of the closet and took it out to paint my guest room and wore it to clean out the garage. Then one day after pulling the disgusting looking tee out of the dryer, I had an epiphany about doodling all over it with fabric paint. After adding some primitive folk-art style with the fabric paint, I even added some beading around the neckline. It didn’t look designer new or anything like that but the sauce and paint stains had magically disappeared. Sometimes I wear it out of the house to the lumber store and garden center where I even received a compliment! That was five years ago and the shirt is a sort of a work in progress. Of course, aren’t we all? Two days ago, I spilled gelato all over the worn top but I’m looking forward to adding pink hearts onto my sleeves.  Spots? What spots?

Go to town doodling anything over your spots with fabric paint.

Summer Ducks

The cutest little bundles of joy decided to hatch under our mesquite tree this week.  Seven little ones and a gold colored mama duck were having a great time splashing around in the pool and looking for bugs. We had noticed the lonely mother duck swimming around every night by herself for a month. I remember the romantic date she had with the handsome mallard that dumped her and left her at our house. Jerk! She cried her heart out for days! Once a lonely girl—now she has seven little ones who need her constant attention! It was truly an overload of absolute adorableness watching them waddle, as they followed their mother around our lawn.
I took the photo from an upstairs window.
 This was the first day we saw them, which was June 22.

After three days however, the mother duck wanted to move along and everyone slipped under a hole in the fence and disappeared. There is a creek less than a quarter mile away and a lake about two miles away, so we're hoping they've safely found their way to a forever home. Do you think they'll come back?

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  1. I love ducks. When Collin was little, I used to take him to the park near our home every afternoon to feed the ducks there.

  2. This is the sweetest post ever.
    Love the lovely story about her romantic dates and now lovely family.
    I can't believe you have a creek and a lake so close.
    And filled with water !
    Love your on going craft project. What charming drawings. Beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I'm awaiting the return of some baby bunnies that hopped away from my yard two weekends ago! They were too cute! I mean, big dark eyes and stubby ears kind of cute.

  4. I think the creek's more suited to Mama, but I'm sure she enjoyed being around the yard...

    Even with Fiona in the area!

  5. That's really cute you had baby ducks hanging around for a while. You should go check out the creek and see if they are there.

  6. I wished I would've thought of that to cover all of my daughter's stains. Cute duck story, too.

  7. That's a great idea for the shirt! Aww, the baby ducks are so cute!