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Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Toys

I think having toys around can be inspirational. Toys from your childhood can remind you of happy times or inspire you to think about things from a younger perspective. No matter my age, there are some toys I can’t part with and want to live with forever. Sure, they might be collecting dust, but I love them anyway.
My first doll is wearing a hat I made(yes, my dog Fiona modeled it once) and a nightgown my mother made from flannel. Her name is Katie. She's also wearing some sort of blue jeans under the nightie but they were never finished. Behind her, is my favorite stuffed animal which is a bunny I used to sleep with. The bunny played Rock-a-bye Baby when it was wound up but it doesn't work anymore. The wooden monkey was a gift from my dad when I was three. He brought it home from San Francisco. The doll on the right side of the angel is a souvenir from New Orleans. 
My brother gave me this bear and I made him wear Fiona's raincoat
 since she won't have anything to do with it.
This is an antique Hungarian pitcher I found at an antique shop and now it's filled with bears.

Before Minions there was this guy.

                                     Do you love toys?


  1. It's like a bucket of bears.
    I have an old Teddy Bear that still talks when you pull the chord. Amazing considering he's almost fifty years old.

  2. Or a barrel of monkeys! :)

    I've let go of all my childhood toys, but every now and again, I head down the toy aisle to see if any of them are still about, lurking. There are few. Kind of like my favorite cereals growing up.

  3. My childhood toys are mostly gone, aside from one or two buried in a box somewhere.

  4. I agree, Eve--I love having toys around (certain toys, anyway). But then, I never really grew up....

  5. Have to say I feel like playing with those little green army men right now.

  6. Hi human, Eve,

    Your love of toys, of dolls, comes through in your article. I wont mention that my human, Gary, loves dolls. He was playing with one in a Cabbage Patch. Arf!

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)