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Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Value

Home is something we value and that's why I chose V for Value.
This particular home came with fancy features such as lights that turn off by themselves, energy efficient double-pane windows and solar panels.  Like most home communities we are assigned three different trash bins but we still have to collect recyclables.

The Earth is our home too and though we are striving to make a difference, it's a collective effort and something none of us should take for granted. Simply because our home came with modern technology doesn't mean we're off the hook. Not only do I value the blessings but now I question what comes through the doors. Paper or plastic? Squiggly bulbs or incandescent? CFLs or LEDs? Drought tolerant or annual plants? Wood mulch or shredded paper moss? Fruit trees or shade? Diesel or gas? Everything makes a difference and every product has a positive side or an argument against it.  The list is endless but educational and I'm always learning something.

The way I see it, green is my favorite color, so it must be good. What about you? Do you drive a hybrid or plant trees on Arbor Day? Are you eco-friendly or are you retro, perhaps old fashioned, with a penchant to re-purpose one person's trash into another person's treasures. Everything helps, even making quilts from old scraps or using old bricks for a walkway.  

My home's footprint on the planet is rather large, so I'm glad it came with a little assistance.
How about you, have you made any green choices lately?  


  1. If I could afford one, I'd drive a Tesla.
    We recycle - doesn't take much effort to separate out plastic, cans, bottles, and paper.

  2. We recycle about 80 percent of our garbage and donate often to goodwill.

  3. I reuse plastic bags to pick up my doggie poops from the yard. :D

    I donate furniture and clothing to Goodwill every year.

  4. I recycle and walk or ride my bike whenever I can, which is often.

  5. I constantly recycle, and of course, donate clothing and furniture. And as there are many charity shops in town, I often purchase from them, if only buying a diary.

  6. I buy thrift store clothes. Grow a lot of my own veggies. Use vinegar for fabric softener. I pray, too.